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Friday, January 18, 2013

Spring Is In The Air ...

... At least for today that is!  Wow, this is January?  Sweet!!!  Hmm ... I best not say that out loud!  Yes, we enjoyed another glorious, spring-like day!  The water was dripping, the roads were getting sloppy and the snow is 'shrinking!'  A great way to end the work week!  Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


  1. I especially like the angles and perspective of the first two photos, but the sunlight peeking and glowing through the clouds is stunning in all three! They make me think of spring, too! Tweet!

    1. It was such a gorgeous day! Funny how that Old Man Winter guy likes to mess with us! Nice in January! Hahaha! ... Giving us a spring-like day! Bahaha ... then blasting us back into reality! Head games I say ... head games! LOL!



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