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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Beauty of a Day!

Ah ... it was +3C before the sun rose this morning and we reached a high of +6C by this afternoon!  The water was dripping and the birds were certainly chirping!  As the sunset and we bid this January day farewell, it remains above freezing!  It was a beauty of a day!


  1. Great chickadee photo. You have my respect going for two years in a row. I did the 365 project from May 2011 - April 2012 but then took a break until this January.
    365 Project

    1. Thank you! Two years in a row is called 'insanity!' LOL! I definitely have my 'UGH' moments .... and it usually shows in my photos!! Welcome back from your break and best wishes on another 365 project!

  2. What an absolutley exquisite photo of a chickadee Terri. LOVE LOVE LOVE it . Should enter it into Canadian Geographic or Cornell Lab or whoever is having a contest. XX to all of you little Mappins.



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