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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

You Can Never Get Tired of Aurora Borealis!

The boys and I were treated to a show of Northern Lights not only on our way to town tonight but on our way home as well!  Yes, they were very active this evening and it was enjoyable sitting outside with my boys and taking the sights in as a family!  You can never get enough of the Northern Lights!


  1. Amazing, Terri. One of most special memories of being with my family was on a Christmas Eve many years ago when my eldest son was about five. We were just arriving home late from spending the evening with my husband's family playing pool and sitting around the very whitely decorated Christmas tree listening to very old Christmas music...Rocking' Around the Christmas Tree, Charlie Brown Christmas music, Silver and Gold from Rudulph The Red Nosed Reindeer, Berl Ives, Gene Autry, ... And we looked up into the night sky and saw white Northern light dancing merrily across the sky. We stood there silent, in the calm cold darkness, just looking up and my son said, "Those are Santa Lights!" We all agreed that indeed they were and went inside and dreamed of Santa coming! Thanks for helping me to remember!

    1. That sounds like an awesome memory and such fond memories are truly treasures! Perhaps this Christmas you and your family will have the opportunity for an 'updated' and new memory with the northern lights!



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