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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Winter's Night

Somehow between trying to get stuff done at home, chores, an after school birthday party for my oldest and another child ... the day slipped away and so did the sunlight.  Although, I must admit, we never did see the sun today.  It was another overcast, grey day with some snow flurries.  However, I did manage to head outside after the kids were in bed and played a bit!  Everything is covered in a thick hoar frost and dusting of fluffy snow.


  1. That's beautiful. Hoar frost is the best. Where was the light coming from?

    1. Hi Crystal! Isn't it! I love hoar frost, it certainly turns the landscape into a dreamy winter wonderland! I kidnapped a power cord from the shop and strung it way out into the garden and plugged in a light! :)



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