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Friday, October 26, 2012

The Scratcher!

There's nothing quite like a good old 'scratch' from the barbwire!  Of course, I'm certain that the human opinion on this vrs the cattle's opinion is greatly divided.  All I know is that cattle love to back up or nudge up to those lovely little barbs for a good old scratch.  The scratches I get from barbwire are usually inflicted upon myself while attempting to assist my husband while fencing and often involve a certain 'language' and a 'gaping wound!'

Of course, one need not mention when one is too lazy to open a gate and opts to crawl between 2 strands and 'hooks' oneself and one's clothing!!!  Youch!  Funny thing ... you repeat this act over and over again.  Perhaps 'crawling' between 2 strands is faster.  That is, as long as you don't hook the back of your shirt or coat, and in trying to release yourself of that, you hook your pants, causing you to re-hook extra material on your shirt ... oh and now skin.  Within moments, you are caught precariously by the 'barbs' in ALL the wrong places!  Nobody is there to assist you ... thank God, because you look like a 'putz' and your herd of cattle are rather entertained watching your antics!  However, the only way to now free yourself from the entangle mess YOU have put yourself in, is to pull.  Yup, pull!  The Scratcher!  (besides ... torn jeans are in style these days!)

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