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Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Warbler in October?

These are horrible photos but when I spotted this little bundle of feathers in my bare maple tree I bolted outside without a tripod ... and I really needed a tripod this late in the day combined with the wind!!!  However, I thought I would still share them because, if I'm correct, this would be a female 'Yellow-Rumped Warbler' (Dendroica coronata) ... in particular, the Audubon's Warbler!!!  She looked frozen and I was shocked she was still here!  Most warblers have long headed south by September and I'm certain she is migrating south from a more northerly destination but yesterdays snow and the -10C with windchill today certainly had her taking a break!  I did notice she wasn't far from my bird feeders!  The weatherman has predicted the return of double-digit fall temperatures for this weekend so hopefully she can resume her migration south in much warmer temperatures!  By the way, if it's not a Yellow-rumped Warbler and you do know what it is ... please feel free to correct me!!  :)

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