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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Afternoon Hike


My boys and I have always relished an afternoon 'moose hike!'  Yes, a hike in which we set off in search for a mighty moose!  Well, the boys are getting a bit bigger, and although they are beginning to *roll their eyes* at me when I mention a 'moose hike,' somehow there is not much hesitation (not yet, thank goodness) and we can still head out for an afternoon adventure!

It's always fun to watch them dash about and listen to them; I marvel at what they find and how they react to finding their 'treasures!'  ... Through the eyes of youth!  


  1. Your boys make me smile! They seem to be very animated characters! I was hoping to see a moose this weekend, but no such luck. My sons and I used to go on bird hunts. We always had to pack up the little red wagon with a blanket, bird books, magnifying glasses, toy guns for protection not for shooting birds, Moosey, a stuffed animal, snacks and water bottles . Yes it was a big production. I miss those days of innocence and curiosity.

    1. They crack me up! They truly are great animated characters and I love it! Our moose hikes stemmed from the book 'Looking for a Moose' by Phyllis Root. If you've never read it, check it out, its a favourite in this household! There is a lil' red wagon around here that has been loaded to the max and hauled over half the countryside as well! I know I will miss the days of innocence and curiosity so I am trying to hang on as long as I can (my baby heads off to grade 1 this year ... :( ...)



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