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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rural Graffiti

I see this old wooden grain bin every time I drive to Calgary.  I've seen it in the dead of winter, in the fall and spring but seeing it in the summer with a stand of canola surrounding it certainly makes 'certain artwork/names' pop!  Hence, a quick snapshot through the car window as I drove by!  I've always chuckled at rural graffiti!  Chances are the names belong to the kids at the local school and the grad class marked their year! Do they think nobody will know 'who dun it?'  LOL!

I'm off for a couple of days ... heading home to take in and celebrate the Medicine Hat Exhibition and Stampede's 125th Anniversary!  I'll return on Friday with my camera in tow!  Enjoy the next couple of days!  Cheers!

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