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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dandelions and Kids ...

Just Seem to Go Hand in Hand ...

Spring and summer are just not the same without kids and dandelions ... at least not around here!  I've been wearing my dandelion bracelets and necklaces daily and I usually have a fresh bouquet every couple of days!  Both my boys enjoy 'spreading' the cheer of dandelions ... then again I don't know a kid (or an adult for that matter) ... who can resist the urge of blowing the white fluffy seeds of a dandelion!

I just don't think these two were expecting the breeze to switch causing them to digest the dandelion 'fluff!' ... Oh well, a few spits and they were back at it!


  1. Love it, and the "story". Those are quite the boys.

  2. I remember spending a lot of time blowing dandelions and making all kinds of jewelry out of them. Cute pictures.

    1. Thanks Crystal! If your short of dandelions south of the border I can get the boys to blow some seeds your way! LOL!



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