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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Two Days Old!

Yes, it's calving season around our place and yes, we start a bit later in comparison to many other beef producers but ... hey, I'm a 'fair weather' kinda gal!  At one time we started calving in mid-March ... but "YUCK" weather-wise and then we moved it back a couple of weeks so we were starting April 1st.  Again ... "YUCK" weather-wise (especially if you are packing your little ones with you)!  So with that, we moved our calving season to the end of April/first part of May.  Yes, it could still snow but the snow likely won't stick and it definitely won't last.  It definitely will not be -40 with a windchill.  The crocuses are out, the grass is beginning to come and the sun is WARM!!!  My kinda calving season!  The cows and babes are happy and I'm VERY HAPPY!

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