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Monday, May 7, 2012

Newest Owl Addition - A Spring Baby

Way back in March, I snapped this photo of a nesting Mama Great Horned Owl.  Not the best shot, as I took it from the road and in my vehicle, in an attempt to avoid disturbing the 'Mrs.' Due to location, we figured the chances that this was 'Olive's' Mom were pretty good.  Well, we've kept a watchful eye on this nest, slowing down for a glimpse here and there.  We thought we saw a lil' head a couple of weeks ago.  However, someone was perched up in it's nest today with Mama keeping a very close watch!  

Again, not the best photos, as they were once again taken from the vehicle and a long ways back ... it's a stretch for my 300mm lens BUT ... there is definitely a new addition to our Great Horned Owl family!  Hopefully, Mama and Papa can keep this one out of the fences this year!  It's so fluffy!  How cute is that?


  1. Ohhhhhh I love those ittle baby hooters!! Thankyou Terri!



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