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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Saying Goodbye

RIP Buddy

Today was a sad day for our family, as we had to bid a final farewell to our beloved 'Buddy!'  This gentle, sure-footed soul has been apart of our lives for what seems like a lifetime.  My husband bought Buddy back in 1995 as a 'teeny-bopper!'  He was a non-papered quarter horse, who never appeared to age until this winter.  Our 'go-to-guy' for everything from roping cattle to plunking our kids on ... he had a huge heart, a strong heart and yes, a very gentle soul.  Buddy was 30+ years old.  We will miss you!  


  1. I feel for you...nothing is harder than a animal member of the family to loose...as they seem to go just to soon...I always let my family know that we will never forget...and as we have several hero pics through out the house..we won't and you won't.

    1. Thank you Ted. Yes, these darn critters come into our lives and make such big imprints on our hearts. Buddy was a 'one of a kind' but we are so thankful that he had a long, healthy life and we were honoured to be a part of it!



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