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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apple Day!


Yes, today was the day that we decided to deal with all of the Crabby's in my life!  It was time to pick, juice, and mash the crab apples!  22 1/2 gallons of crab apples later ... we ended up with 12 litres of apple sauce (we didn't mash all of them ... the birds really like cooked apples too!) and two huge jars of juice that will be transformed into Crab apple jelly tomorrow!  I think Grandma and our youngest will be glad to see the last of the crab apples!  I know I was ever so thankful for their help ... especially from Grandma and her 'juicer!'  I still had visions of the pillowcase hanging from the upper cupboard dripping juice for days!  UGH!  Thanks Grandma ... I think that nightmare is no longer there!  

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