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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


With only a few days of our summer season remaining ... Carol Kelly from the Medicine River Wildlife Centre (MRWC) http://www.medicineriverwildlifecentre.ca made my day when she phoned us back on Monday and asked if we could meet the MRWC to pick up 'Olive' our Great Horned Owl!  For those of you who follow along, you will remember 'Olive' but for those of you who have not heard of her before, she is a young Great Horned Owl that we found injured back in early July (see July 3rd and 19th).  Well ... today was the day ... and it was pretty awesome bringing this wonderful creature back home to be released back into her 'home wilderness!'

This is my Hubby just cutting the tape on the box and then getting ready to step back and let her out!

It took 'Olive' a few moments to find her way out of the box ... oh, but what an incredible sight when she finally came out!  She really is a beautiful bird!

Once she was out, she was just content to take it all in ... I think she must have sat in the native grass, swivelling her incredible head and looking with those magnificent eyes for 15 minutes or so!

And then finally (of course when I relaxed and put my camera half down ..."Murphy!) ... she just flew off into the trees!  Nope ... her flight shots are not great ... she definitely caught me off guard but it was incredible to see her fly once again!  It made us 'feel pretty darn good' seeing her back home in one of our native pastures and flying!  And that would not have been possible without the care she received at the Medicine River Wildlife Centre!  Thank you Carol and Staff ... we greatly appreciate what you did for her and the other creatures/animals you look after as well!

Well, here's hoping 'Olive' reconnects with her family ... they are still here ... and she goes on to become a mature adult that remains in our area for her lifetime!  I know we will be keeping our eyes out for her!  Good Luck Olive ... Happy Flying!!  

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