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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Honker 1, Honker 2, and Family

The reality is ... we will be reaching 'mid-summer' soon, and those spring babies are growing up quickly!  My pair of Canadian Geese ... yes, I claim them, arrived back on April 5th (My 'Honkers' Are Home) and back on May 29th (Bird on the Run) I was happy to catch a glimpse of their very young goslings ... all 4 of them.  Well, Honker 1 and Honker 2, along with all four of their babies were in view this evening.  It was great to catch a glimpse of them once again and to see that those lil' gosling will likely be ready for the fall migration!  (In the first photo, Papa goose is at the very back of the pack and Mama goose is in the middle with 2 young on each side)

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