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Monday, June 13, 2011

Trap Set ... The Waiting Game!

It was a gorgeous morning!  The sun was warm and shining bright, however low fog hovered over all of the sloughs and dugouts making for some beautiful scenery!  Pajama clad with rubber boots on (what a sight to be seen ... NOT!) ... I headed out the door to our pasture ready to snap some beautiful landscape pics.  Alas ... I was stopped in my tracks when I discovered the traps had been set!

Literally EVERY blade of grass had an intricate weaved web on it!  There were WEBS every where!  I'm not up on my spider taxonomy but I might have to do some inquiring.  These were all made by the same type of spider and within the center of each web, there sat a spider ... waiting patiently for something to become trapped in its web.

Although, I don't necessarily LOVE spiders (yuck) ... I do appreciate anything that helps reduce the mosquito population!  And on a morning like today ... when their webs twinkle in the sunlight ... that is just too much detailed work to be destroyed by some klutz walking in rubber boots to get a picture of the morning fog!

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