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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Our 21 Year Olds!

It poured BUCKETS ... ALL day today!  I think the old saying "April showers ..."  should be changed to "June monsoon ... wet monsoon!"  However, since we have no control over the weather ... I'll let that go!  Haha!  Anyhow, while out feeding little Miss "Lucky" tonight (in between rain clouds) I snapped a few pictures of our 21 yr olds!  Meet 'Fritz and Spritz!' And no... the names were not planned.  I raised Spritz and my husband purchased Fritz a few years after we were married!

Fritz is one of my husband's rope horses (although Ryley appears to be staking claim of Fritz these days) and Spritz, who you met earlier in the spring, is my baby girl!

She has the most gorgeous mane ... that is forever twisted by the wind!  I'll spend hours untangling that mess and within a day ... its twisted up again!

Just after snapping these few shots ... the rain clouds moved back in ... and yes, its still coming down!  How many more days till SUMMER?

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