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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


"All of the animals except for man know that the principle business of life is to enjoy it." ~ Samuel Butler

Sometimes you need to look to a rodent for inspiration!  Yes, rodent ... inspiration!  After a momentary glimpse of the sun, the fog rolled right back in and the grey, gloomy days we've had for almost 2 weeks persisted.  Certain that I am lacking Vitamin D and growing crankier with each passing, gloomy day ... out, through the fog sat a lil' Richardson's Ground Squirrel ... aka "GOPHER!"  With a sparkle in his eye and an upright stance, he looked around, stretched and started grooming himself!  Apparently, unphased by the fog and the SNOW, he was just happy to surface from his burrow!!  Hmmm ... I am happy to report that spotting a gopher is another sign that spring is on its way AND I am happy to say that spotting this lil' gopher brought a smile to my face! 


  1. Yes I definitely think you are lacking vitamin D, you are taking pictures of rodents....this is not a good sign!

  2. I did take a pic of a rodent!! But its a sign of spring!!! I couldn't resist! :)



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